Maleki Communications Group GmbH is a subsidiary of the dfv media group. The company appears under the brand name Maleki Communications.

The Maleki Communications, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a leader in the field of financial communication. In the past 20 years, the Maleki Communications has initiated events at an international level. Subject of the company is the cross-channel production and dissemination of occupational, sector and company-related information for the finance, banking and insurance sectors through

  1. the organization of events such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions and roadshows on financial, economic and socio-political topics;
  2. media-, communication- and lead generation and consulting solutions for media using, mandate holding businesses and public organizations.

As a unique selling proposition, the Maleki Communications has an excellent, well-established and steadily expanding network of leading decision makers from business and politics, while setting new standards in events.

Numerous events of the Maleki Communications, such as the EURO FINANCE WEEK or the EUROPEAN BANKING CONGRESS are internationally renowned brands and represent the vast expertise of the group. With FRANKFURT meets DAVOS and the Frankfurt Global Business Week, the Maleki Communications has rapidly positioned further events as meeting places.

Customers and partners of the company include leading banks, insurance and IT companies and consulting firms as well as national and international banking organizations, regulatory and government agencies. The Maleki Communications successful history is closely associated with the rise of the financial center Frankfurt from which the company operates internationally.